Joshua Anderton

Joshua Anderton

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Fullstack web developer in Vancouver 🇨🇦

Senior dev at ScholarPath Building Meeps and ProgBar w/ @mijustin


Teams I’ve worked with

  • Senior TALL Stack Developer at ScholarPath (Jan 2022 — Present)
  • Head of Product & Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer (via at Userfeed by AdReform
  • Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer at Glass Canvas
  • Fullstack PHP (Silverstripe, AWS, etc) Developer at PraiseCharts
  • Fullstack PHP (Magento, Custom, etc) Developer and Digital Marketer at Tryten
  • WordPress Developer at Dazil
  • Fullstack PHP Developer at Joshua Anderton Design (clients included Pinnacle Hotels, Bazinga!, Shirmar Construction, Plazus, and others…)

Projects I’ve worked on

  • Upscribe - Email marketing solution (sold)
  • Billingly - Dunning emails & SMS (sold)
  • Tiers - Pricing page builder and A/B testing for SaaS (retired)
  • Kids Learning App - Built in Objective C & Swift for iOS
  • “Smelly Math” Math Game - Built in Objective C for iOS

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